APMP Loudspeakers

This diverse family of loudspeakers consists of our Flat, Component, and Compression Horn series of APMP models. Each of these series of APMP loudspeakers adds unique features to our dynamic APMP loudspeaker making them some of our most unique and adaptable loudspeakers to date. Every APMP model features a super tough carbon fiber cone, allowing for superior crystal-clear sound. The durability and water repelling features of the carbon fiber cone make these loudspeakers ideal for convertibles or all-terrain vehicles. Every APMP loudspeaker is built with our exclusive liquid metal plastic - strong as steel basket, for a robust loudspeaker that can withstand any abuse. Each speaker comes with a set of white and chrome interchangeable speaker grills allowing you to customize them to your craft. 

Component Series

Our Component Series APMP Loudspeakers were crafted to be combined with our tweeters and crossovers to create the ultimate audio listening experience in your vehicle. Installing these component speakers in your craft gives you a sound that has better tonal clarity, better sound stage, and better imaging. Combine this performance quality with the rugged and durable build of these APMP speakers and you get amazing sound for virtually any outdoor terrain.

Compression Horn Series

Our APMP Compression Horn Midrange Loudspeakers are not like our regular midrange speakers due to the built-in compression horn. Not only do you get superb lows and midranges but you’re also going to get that high-end vocal sound that you would get out of a tweeter. Our built-in compression horn drivers produce dynamics far better than most dome tweeters. The shape/size of the horn has a tremendous impact on the sound quality. They are highly efficient in translating electrical input into sounds, from low levels to insanely loud that gives a better representation of realism.

Flat Series

We engineered our Flat Series APMP Loudspeakers to be all you need in a mid-range pro audio speaker; delivering incredible sound, loudness, and reliability, all in an extremely shallow and versatile footprint. The shallow baskets allow for installations in applications where limited mounting depth is available.

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