BMS-AM1 Car Amplifier Dress-Up Kit


• (A) 8 Pcs., 4 Black and 4 Red 14 Gauge Gold Spade Connectors (2 or 4 Speakers)

• (B) 1 Pc. Red 14 Gauge (Remote Wire)

• (C) 2 Pc., 1 Black and 1 Red 8 Gauge Gold Spade Connector (Power and Ground)

• (D) 1 Pc. Black 8 Gauge Ring Terminal (Grounding)

• (E) 2 Pc. Self-Taping ½ Inch Long Flat Head Silver Screws (Grounding the Ring Terminal)

• (F) 6 Pcs., 6 Inches Black Color Zip Ties (Tying Up the Wires)

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